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Longarm Quilting Services

Welcome to the world of long-arm quilting!

Long-arm quilting is performed on a machine with a long throat and high back, allowing for plenty of room to roll the quilt without moving it. Our computer based Gammill Statler Stitcher provides us with the means to quilt traditional patterns, as well as contemporary designs. Choose from over 200 designs!

We offer “edge to edge” patterns (overall pattern, or panagraph, meaning that the same pattern is quilted over the entire quilt). We also do semi-custom quilting (the same pattern is quilted inside the main body of the quilt, with dense stippling, or another stitch design, sewn on the border). Additionally, we provide custom quilting with block specific detailed stitching throughout the quilt and the borders.

Charges are allocated by the square inch, based on the size of your quilt and the design you select. Our staff is always happy to help you select a quilt design that best suits your project and creative ideas. 

Just as you took many hours to create your heirloom, custom finishes take time. For this reason, as well as the additional materials needed, custom quilting costs a bit more than edge-to-edge services. Please ask our staff to show you the differences in styles and cost (you'll be pleasantly surprised that the per inch cost of either is so small).

Our edge-to-edge starts at .025 cent per inch.
Our Custom quilting starts at 0.9 cents per inch and that is done by an outside quilter that we have used for years and she has won many ribbons for her stunning quilting.

Our professional staff has more than 30 years experience in quilting. We provide long-arm services on a "first come - first serve" basis, and try to accommodate "Rush" jobs when possible.  There is an additional fee for "Rush" jobs. Ask about our quilting designs. We have hundreds...from simple to intricate!